Don't Study Business

It’s been about 10 years since I began university, and looking back I would have studied something other than business. If this happens to reach young people deciding what to study, this is what I think.

My point of view is very biased towards technology and startups but if these fields are what you’re interested in, then maybe this advice is worth something.

At the end of the day, there are only 2 types of jobs at startups. Those who build, and those who sell. Yes, as a startup grows you have other roles like finance and HR, but ultimately they’re just there to support the people building or selling.

If you learn how to build or how to sell, you’ll never struggle to find a job. Be good at both and you’re a unicorn.

A few famous founders have even come out and said that they try not to hire MBAs and that if they do, they’ve hired them in spite of the degree, not because of it.

So before starting an undergrad degree in business (or MBA), think hard about whether you’ll be building or selling. Chances are it’ll be neither. In that case, choose a degree that teaches you a hard skill like engineering.

(If you want to focus on finance or marketing and the business degree offers those tracks, a business degree could be a great option. Just know your end goal.)