CoVisitorHelps Israeli storekeepers document their store visitors to combat COVID-19.2020Shut down due to little demand
TasteJuryA website where people vote for their favorite places to get specific dishes.2020Launching TasteJuryActive
Open Sukkah“Airbnb for Sukkahs”. Started as a result of not having a place to build a sukkah.2017 - PresentForward, Times of Israel, Ch13 News (Hebrew), Geektime - (Hebrew)Active every Sukkot (September - October)
Covid Stats IsraelCouldn’t find an API for accurate data for Covid-19 in Israel so I started collecting it and displaying it here2020Shut it down
Al DenteAn occasional email newsletter with actionable cooking tips to make your food taste better.2020
Where to Take your Date in IsraelAn easy way to find places to take a date in Israel based on how much you want to spend, location, and relationship stage.2016 - PresentNeeds to be rebuilt.
Be Honest With MeAn attempt at a site where friends can write you anonymous feedback to questions you ask them.2016 - PresentShut down for ethical reasons.
WhatsDueA task management app for teachers, students, and parents.2015 - 2016Had 2000+ MAU but weren’t able to scale it past that. Went through an accelerator. Shut it down.